Google with Audi Bringing the Next Generation Cars

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

google with audi android os

Google one of the most rich and reputed IT company. Google is going to collaborate with AUDI car manufacturing companies to bring the next generation cars in the world. AUDI which is already a well known car company is going to bring the new experience of digital appliances in the car. After a long dispute between the APPLE and GOOGLE.GOOGLE announced to work in partnership with AUDI to provide android operating system user interface to control the cars. Google is going to provide the Android operating system in cars which enhances the experience of driving the cars.



Apple announced in June 2013, that they will develop a system which allows the driver to use their ear devices through the car display. Apple added they will make partnership with nine automakers to bring this type of technology in cars. Apple company are in progress to build the next generation cars.


Google announced they will install the Android operating system in cars. Google and Audi are going to build the android operating system in their newest cars. Google and AUDI will work in partnership.

google android operating system


Wall street journal described this techno war has both positive and negative effects on the user. Journal described that on the one hand, this GOOGLE and APPLE is bringing the technology no doubt enhance the user experience of driving cars, but on the other hand, this technology is very expensive and not easily understanding. According to Wall street journal surveys most of cars user not known to this new Android and iPhone operating system controls. Some of them found clumsy to control the cars devices with this operating system.



Apple is working on bringing iPhone device’s system display in cars. Google also announced to install the Android operating system in newest AUDI cars. There are lots of challenges to both Techno brand Apple and Google. Let’s see what is surprisingly new coming in this new year… 🙂