5 Mind Blowing Facts to Know About Hybrid Driving Flying Robots

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

5 Mind Blowing Facts to Know About Hybrid Driving Flying Robots

5 Mind Blowing Facts to Know About Hybrid Driving Flying Robots


With the fast-paced world, the need for a better versatile mode for communication and providing quick service to the people has become a necessity, hybrid driving flying robots have answered to all the queries of the modern man . These robots have enabled a particular service to reach a place which is not easily accessible by conventional means. These robots may be autonomous or controlled by a human, the specialty of these hybrid driving flying robots is their ability to change from driving mode to flying mode whenever it is necessary.

These hybrid driving flying robots have the advantage of accessing areas which are difficult to reach and can either drive or fly as per requirement.


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Scientists have found that these hybrid driving flying robots have a wide range of applications in the near future from dropping packages to spotting victims in disaster zone.

#1 Area of Inspiration

The idea for building these robots are inspired from nature again, the scientist has looked at insects or birds which can run, walk and fly. It was observed that these creatures utilize their abilities in a smart way depending on the situation which inspired scientists to create these hybrid driving flying robots.

Using this special ability to do both these hybrid driving-flying robots can either fly over encumbrances on the ground or drive under overhead obstacles making them versatile to use.

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#2 Advantages of Self-Driving Flying Robots

The main advantage of these hybrid driving flying robots is that they can move through a course without any collision damage i.e., even if swarms of these robots are used they still work efficiently in their area of work by using clever algorithms which don’t allow them to collide with each other, by doing so scientists have improved their efficiency in providing output to a certain problem .

These hybrid driving flying robots remain ahead of robots which can only fly or drive by their ability to do both since robots that are good at one usually fail at the other. Another important advantage of these hybrid driving flying robots is that they can adapt to their surroundings as per requirement.

#3 Construction and Working

The design and working principle behind these hybrid driving flying robots are similar to the conventional methods applied in building such autonomous drones with only difference existing in the complexity arising from combining both driving and flying mechanisms.

The designer sets an algorithm for navigational purposes for these hybrid driving flying robots, these smart machines make optimum use of these algorithms and find their way around a certain path. The hybrid driving flying robots are also enabled to work in swarms and hence the designer must keep in mind the mechanism which doesn’t make one machine collide with another as it would lead to a reduction in their efficiency.

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#4 Limitations of These Machines

The limitations of these machines lie in the fact of lack of research on these autonomous robots .These machines need to be studied more for improving their productivity and making them robust to use.

Scientists currently working on these machines have quoted on experience that these machines need to have a better battery life as the combination of both driving and flying makes them loose battery faster.

Adding the driving apparatus to these hybrid robots increased their weight and thereby reduced the battery life. Scientists upon further experimenting found that driving remained more efficient than flying, surpassing the loss in effectivity due to flying as a result of added weight.

The currently marketed drones which are under experimentation are not robust enough for commercial use as well and are further studied to enable them to carry humans for transportation.

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#5 Future of These Hybrid Driving Flying Robots

The hybrid driving flying robots have a widespread usage in the field of transportation as they can be used for carrying passengers or cargo over terrains which can either be accessed by road or by driving. Research is under progress to make these robots fully autonomous. The effort to put Flying taxis into commercial usage is already gaining pace in Dubai but is still a long way from practicability.

It can be expected that hybrid driving flying robots may become very common in another 10 years due to the need for better modes of transport.