Daily manners -manners for daily life processes

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2015)

Daily manners -manners for daily life processes

Manners play a major role in overall personality of a person.manners are very necessary as ethics in life. keyshone is introducing about terms and conditions of various manners. Here we are discussing about the daily life processes with manners.


daily manners are key of becoming a good and ideal person in society. What are those daily manners?why we are unlikable and cruel individual in society? What makes us idol and perfect? The whole answer you will get after reading the following daily manners regulations:

daily manners


1.after awaking up in the morning,plan your whole activity data and procedure for that day.if you found anything wrong or incomplete than pray to god for its fulfillment and even apologize for all previous day mistakes and errors to not repeat again.do this all thing before going to washroom.

2.After completing your prayer,go to washroom and complete the whole rest of body cleaning processes like washing hands with soap,sand,ashes etc,brushing teeth, etc. Do this all thing early in the morning.

3.After doing washes of mouth and face ,comb your hair and wear your regular costume.

4.take bath and have breakfast on desired time and eat healthy food.commonly 3 time of food eating is sufficient.

eating manners

5.Complete your whole work on that particular day and try to complete those work first which are more important.

6.nature has provided you day for doing your work and night for rest. So follow the daily manners for utilizing the nature provision.

7.for healthy mind and body food is not only necessary some time or keyshone says do exercise regularly.

8. Take a sleep of 8 hours regularly and try to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning before sunrise.

9.you can watch your daily shop shows but don’t cling to it and sleep on time. Don’t reside outside in the night late for relaxation.

10. Practice to eliminate the all tensions and be happy.

11. Practice to do good relations and company.avoid bad company.

12. Practice to excuse the small mistakes of your youngest family members.fascinate good impression and behavior on your family.

13.Always shave your beard on desired date and time.cut your nails of hand and foot also.

14. Practice to wash your hair with herbal shampoo,Multani  mitti,and mehandi once in week and avoid using curd and various items which give only bad smells.

15. Don’t wear unwashed clothes and replace your clothes on desired interval of time.follow this routine regularly.

16.Don’t meet anyone wearing torn and teared clothes.always maintain and stitch your clothes on time.

17.Always wash  bed sheets and pillow cover once in week.use fresh fragrant flowers in your room.

18.Keep your all items and necessary things with yourself while going outstation.never urge for bed sheets and blankets from others while residing outside.

19. Dress up yourself properly while going any where.

20. Eat anything after washing your hands and eat it with right hand.