5 Smartest Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks and Referrals

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2016)

ways to create high quality backlinks and refferals

High quality natural backlinks are a boon for a website or domain. In these days, building high quality backlinks are not cup of tea. Roll out of Penguin in 2012 and till now, six updates shook the whole search results. Penguin till now only punished the unnatural backlinks website, but also unnatural backlinks seller web sites.

Penguin update is a name of fear for all those culprit websites or domain owner. That’s why building safe backlinks are not easy these days. You will get to know answers by following backlinks related questions after reading this post.

What are the types of backlinks?
Which is the safest way to build high quality backlinks?
Which are the terms related to backlinks profile?

We can classify the type of backlinks on authority,follow, occurrence,domains


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a)Classification of Backlinks on Authority

High Quality Backlinks

These are high domain authority (25+) backlinks. These backlink websites have a good reputation, trust flow and authority more than 25. Like backlink from warrior forum, moz community etc.

Low Quality Backlinks

These are spammy links, automated directory links, unnecessary links. These backlinks, domain authorities are less than 1 or 0. These backlinks are easily gifted to any website, but they are poisonous for website reputation and influence on search. Like backlinks from spammy web directories, web listing websites, expired domains etc..

b)Backlinks on Follow

Nofollow Backlinks

Backlinks which doesn’t allow to pass the link juice to a linked website. You can check the nofollow link by seo quake chrome extension. These backlinks have nofollow tags. This is one of the best ways to prevent your website from Penguin algorithm penalty.

Dofollow Backlinks

These backlinks allow to pass the link juice to linked domains. These types of high quality dofollow not only boost the organic traffic, but also referral traffic. You can get the dofollow backlinks by guest posting, round ups and creating data driven online research post.

c)Backlinks on Occurrence

Natural Backlinks

Google rewards the natural backlink websites because these backlinks are acquired from time to time and they are related to domain niche. You can get the natural backlink by creating data driven online research content, patents and from giving free ebooks, guides and webinars

Unnatural Backlinks

These backlinks are mostly paid and Penguin identifies them. Because these types of backlinks are created more frequently within short time and mostly not niche related links.

d)Backlinks on Domains


Gov TLD’s Backlinks

Gov backlinks are not easy to attain, but if you have.Gov backlink than you are top of the world. These high quality backlinks boost your organic traffic and authority.
Edu TLD’s Backlinks
Edu backlinks are also high quality backlinks and prioritize by Google. If you have.Edu backlinks than your website is one of the best websites for Google. Because Google loves websites which has.Edu backlinks.

Country specific TLD’s Backlinks

Country specific backlinks are .com,.net,.in,.org etc. These backlinks are qualitative if these backlinks have high authority and trust flow.
When you go through the backlink analysis of any website on Ahrefs,Mazestic,Semrush and MOZ. You will get these type of terms related to backlinks.

traffic generating back links map


Terms Related to Backlinks are:


Referring domains

These are the websites which give your website a unique backlink. When you get a number of backlinks from same website then you have one referring domain.

Anchor Text

Text which is used to hyperlink another website is called anchor text. You need to take care of anchor text while building backlinks.

Internal Links

When one page of website is linked to another page of the website is known as internal linking. Take care of internal linking when you want to improve your ranking pages in the search.
How to create high quality natural backlinks?

Following ways or source will really help to get high quality backlinks.

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1. Add Comprehensive & Answer Rich Helpful Long Content

When you add a comprehensive answer rich helpful long content on your website and other niche related high authority websites (guest posting)  then you get lots of backlinks. These backlinks are rewarded for your hard work of creating unique researched content. For e.g post on backlinko blog, quicksprout blog, moz blog and Hubspot blog.

2. Add a Data Driven Case Study

When you publish a case study of your clients and your experiments than you get thousands of backlinks. For example a case study of Brian Dean client.

3. Give Free PDF’s, and Guides

You can get the quality backlinks by giving free PDF’s and guides to your blog readers. For example, MOZ guide on social media optimization for beginners.

4. Create Infographic,Podcast and Presentation

Creating an infographic and submitting to infographic submit website gives you high quality backlinks. Creating podcasts and presentation give the same.

5. Broken Link Building

Last but not the least, the broken link building is one of the best ways to create backlinks in this modern SEO world. Whenever you get any dead link on high authority website, try to get that backlink at any cost.


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These are some safest ways to build quality backlinks for website. When you want to create back links try to consider the above given terms before creating backlinks. Backlinks are important for improving the positions of pages on SERP. Building quality backlink is better than creating number of low quality backlinks.

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