Aerospace | Aeronautical Engineer Salary in USA, Canada, and India

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2021)

Aerospace Engineer Salary in USA, Canada, and India

Aerospace | Aeronautical Engineer Salary in USA, Canada, and India

Do you want to know Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering salary in USA?

Do you want to know the Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering salary in Canada?

Do you want to know the Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering salary in India?

Aerospace engineers are highly paid professionals in the engineering job market. However, in recent years, the availability of aerospace engineers increased drastically. This resulted in some positive and negative impacts on the salary of aerospace engineers.

Do you know why aerospace engineers are known as well-paid engineers? Just before some years back, the availability of aerospace engineers was very less. Aerospace engineering is known as a Noble field of study.

This situation made the demand for aerospace engineers in the industry very high as a result aerospace companies gave a very high salary for aerospace engineers.

As a result of the increased availability of new aerospace engineers, many new startups emerge in the aerospace engineering field. Aerospace engineer salaries given by these startup companies are less compared with traditional aerospace companies.

Leading and traditional aerospace companies are giving high salaries to aerospace engineers. In the present scenario also aerospace engineers are well-paid when compared with other branches. The salary given by the developed economies like the USA, Canada are little more than the salary given to the developing economy like India.




#1. Aerospace engineer Salary in India

Apart from the traditional aerospace companies in India like HAL, NAL, Boeing, etc. Many new companies in the field of unmanned flying vehicles emerge. Aerospace engineers in India are getting an average salary of approximately eight lakh per annum.

The above figure is an approximation made by analyzing the growth of the in dusty in India. Now India is the ninth-largest civil aviation sector and it is expecting that India will become the third-largest by 2020.

The growth in the civil aviation sector and the government policies like privatization in space research and defense research are giving a promising future for the aerospace industry and India will become the top countries in the world that have well-paid aerospace engineers.

Now a day’s aerospace engineer’s basic salary in public sector companies like HAL is above Rs.40,000 and above Rs.30000 in NAL. In the defense sector organization like DRDO will give their scientist a basic pay of 39000 to 67000 according to their grade.

Aerospace engineer’s Salary in ISRO

ISRO is one of the dream organization for Indian aerospace engineers. ISRO is recruiting aerospace engineers in their research and development sector. The aerospace engineer’s salary in ISRO is from 46,000 Indian rupees to 76,000 INR.

ISRO has future plans to extend its field of work in many interplanetary missions and explore the deep universe. This trend in the Indian Space Research Organization is giving good hope for aerospace engineers in India.

In the future, the emergence of private space competitors for ISRO will increase the high demand for aerospace engineers and this will compel all other companies to increase the aerospace engineer salary.

#2. Aerospace engineer’s salary in the USA

Aerospace engineer salary in the United States is much more than the other developed and developing countries around the world. When it is compared with the European countries aerospace engineers salary in the USA is almost double or three times.
The basic salary of aerospace engineers working in different companies in the USA is in between 83,000 USD to 1, 50,000 USD per year. The aerospace engineer’s salary will increase with the grade of engineers and their experience.

Aerospace engineer’s salary is high in the USA because of the advanced research and well-developed technologies in the field and aerospace company’s competition to develop new technologies.

There is a lot of world-leading aerospace companies are based in The United States. The companies like Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce etc. Apart from this company the new space exploration companies like Space X, Virgin Galactic, Orbital Science and the proposed asteroid mining companies Planetary cooperation, Deep Space Industries are an example for the advanced aerospace field in The United States of America.

Aerospace Engineers Salary in NASA

NASA is the leading organization in the world for aerospace and space research. The most paid aerospace engineers are working in NASA. Scientists and engineers in NASA are getting an average salary of $96000 per year.

Apart from the salary, these organizations will give social acceptance and status to the people who work here.

#3. Aerospace Engineers Salary in Canada

Canada is a North American well-developed country and one of the least populated countries in the world. The high economic growth in Canada is able to give high salaries for the people who work there. This impact also reflected in the case of aerospace engineer’s salaries in Canada.

Aerospace engineers in Canada are getting an average basic salary of 76,000 Canadian dollars per year. This figure is almost near to the salary in The United States. All the famous aerospace companies in the USA have their base in Canada. The leading airplane manufacturers like Bombardier Aerospace, BTR Aerospace are based in Canada.

#4. Aerospace Engineers Salary in European Countries

European Countries like France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Germany have well known for their aerospace technologies. The aerospace industry had emerged from the impact of the Second World War.

Aerospace engineers salary in different countries in Europe differs from 40,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds per year. European countries have some of the world-leading aerospace companies like Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Beriev, AMAC Aerospace.


The aerospace engineers’ salary analyzed to form the different countries and the leading company shows that the traditional trend of the high salary in the noble field of study is still there.

The underdeveloped countries and developing countries are also giving high preference to the aerospace companies and continue the effort on the research in the aerospace field shows that the trend of high salary will continue in future also.

In India Aerospace engineer’s salary is much more than the other engineering fields. In recent years the job availability for aerospace engineers is also increased.

The joint venture between Indian public sector companies and foreign companies and the Indian government’s policy to attract foreign and private investment in the field give a threshold in the salary of aerospace engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Aerospace Engineering Salary in India

What is the salary offered to an aerospace engineer in ISRO?

In ISRO, the beginning annual salary package for a scientist is 6 to 7 Lakh INR.

What is the starting salary for aerospace engineers?

The starting salary for an aerospace engineer varies from country to country. In India, starting an annual salary package for an aerospace engineer is 4.5 Lakh INR to 5.5 Lakh INR.

Is aerospace engineering a good career in India

Yes, it is because aerospace engineering is in a growing phase in India. So there are lots of opportunities.