7 Types of Jobs in Aeronautical Engineering

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)
7 types of jobs in aeronautical engineering

An aeronautical engineer is a person who deals with vehicles that flew in the earth’s atmosphere. Getting a job in aeronautical engineering in India is not as easy as other branches of engineering.

This is because of the small-sized aeronautical industry in India but now the new trend in the aerospace sector is giving hope for the candidate who is passionate about getting a job in aeronautical engineering.

The government already allowed private and foreign investment in the aeronautical industry. So there is a rapid growth in the count of startups in the aeronautical engineering sector.

The leading aeronautical companies like Airbus and Boeing are already invested in India. Many other world leaders in the industry are planning to grab the aeronautical market in India.

7 Types of jobs in aeronautical engineering

#1 Public Sector Aeronautical Companies

Those who are looking for jobs in aeronautical engineering and wish to work in the public sector or government-controlled companies have a lot of opportunities.

In India Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) are some of the public sector companies offering jobs in aerospace engineering.

Not only in India every country has similar organizations.

For example, NASA is the world-leading aeronautics and aerospace research facility that is controlled by the United States federal government and Europe has Europe Research Establishment in Aeronautics is one organization in Europe that is promoting research and development of aeronautical engineering sector.

#2 Aeronautical Design Engineer

The requirement of design engineers will be high in an industry that has a huge potential for research and development.

An aeronautical engineer should work in multidisciplinary engineering teams to design tools, machines, engines, aircraft structures, and other mechanically functioning equipment.

Proficiency in engineering design software will be an added advantage for getting a job in aeronautical engineering. CATIA, PTC CREO, SOLID EDGE, AUTOCAD are some of the engineering design software used by aeronautical engineers.

#3 Avionics Engineer

Avionics is a branch of aeronautical engineering which deals with the electronic part of aircraft or you might have seen the complex control panels and switched in the cockpit of an airplane. An airplane requires a complex electronics system for communication, navigation, and many other operations.

Getting a job in aeronautical engineering as an avionics expert must have knowledge in electronics especially avionics system architecture, control, and display technologies, radio navigation, air data, and autopilot systems.

#4 Airforce and Navy

Those who like to work in the defense sector can consider jobs as aeronautical engineers in Airforce and Navy. Both departments have a huge requirement for aeronautical engineers.

The Indian airforce, Navy, and Military are selecting their candidate based on a public written exam, interview, and Physical fitness test.
In Indian airforce aeronautical engineers are working in both mechanical branch and electronics or avionics branch

#5 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft operations require a high level of safety so every airline company are enforced to maintain routine checkups and periodical maintenance by government aviation authorities.
Those who wish to find an aeronautical engineering-related job can choose an aircraft maintenance engineering career.

Getting into aircraft maintenance engineering the candidate required to get a license from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Troubleshooting aircraft problems, conducting inspections, and making reports repairs and upgrades to aircraft are some of the responsibilities of aircraft maintenance engineers.

#6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry

Unmanned Ariel Vehicle Industry is one of the new age branches in aeronautical engineering. This field is a combination of aeronautical engineering and robotics. The aeronautical engineer who is interested in electronics especially robotics or mechatronics can choose this as a career.

Unmanned Aerial vehicle has a high potential to grow because it is one of the rare affordable technology to the public. Those who are looking for a job in aeronautical engineering can safely choose this industry.

In recent years we can experience the growth in usage of unmanned ariel vehicles especially drones in agriculture, construction, mining, media, and entertainment. This gives a clear trend of growth.

#7 Aircraft propulsion system engineer

The propulsion system is the heart of an aircraft and the range, fuel efficiency, and many other performance-related features of an aircraft are directly related to the propulsion system.

Those who wish to get into a job in aeronautical engineering as a propulsion system engineer must consider improving knowledge in aircraft and rocket engine and thorough knowledge in thermodynamics will help to work in the research and development sector.