5 Mind Blowing Aerospace New Inventions and Inventors of 2017

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2019)

5 mind blowing aerospace new inventions and inventors of 2017

5 Mind Blowing Aerospace New Inventions and Inventors of 2017

The field of aerospace is the one which constantly advances owing to the requirements.
As compared to others, aerospace has a great responsibility of meeting the ever-increasing demands. New innovations in aerospace are subjected to a lot of criticism as they are required to be highly safe and to be made with maximum precision.

Now let’s look at some of the Aerospace new inventions which may have or yet to change aerospace technology and eventually the world where we live in.

1. BOEING’s Starliner Space Suit

boeing starliner space suit new aerospace invention 2017

There is no fun in aerospace if there was no space. The curiosity of man has led him to explore the vast darkness beyond earth and an example of such curiousness is the starliner space suit developed exclusively by Boeing for its astronauts who will be launched from American soil in the year 2018 for the mission by CST-100 Starliner spacecraft.

Previous astronauts wore suits which were heavier and stuffier and made them look like aliens, Boeing has changed the way these suits are made, with cutting-edge technology Boeing has made these starliner space suits in a bright blue with lighter, stronger and durable materials.

The suit is made from materials which maintain the body temperature of the person wearing it by pressuring the suit. The lead designer of the suit states that the suit was ultimately built on the concept of “ addition by subtraction”. A new design of helmet which is held in place by a zipper reduces the weight and increases the comfort of the astronauts.

The tubing for the astronauts are located in the abdomen region opposed to conventional piping behind the astronauts. This suit is definitely on for the future of space travel and is an important Aerospace new invention.


cirrus vision jet new aerospace invention 2017
When it comes to Aerospace new inventions it can never be this amazing than to own the private jet and what’s special is that the jet which is economically affordable is even more sensational. Cirrus, a United States-based aircraft manufacturer claims that this jet is by far the most economical private jets ever made and it is true.

It comes with decent configurations suitable for the economical aviator, sporting a single-engine, low –wing, 180-degree windshield, this seven-seater ultra lightweight carbon-fiber frame jet is the first ever single engine civilian aircraft to achieve an FAA certification.

With its advanced features, its passengers can enjoy the luxury and scenic beauty of flying. Priced a little bit closer to 2 million US dollars this jet sure promises to make the hopes come true for many small aviation enthusiasts.

3. TERN- The Drone for Defense

Aerospace has important application in the field of defense and operations. TERN a drone under development jointly by DARPA, ONR (Office of Naval Research) and Northrop Grumman is a promising new aerospace invention.

This drone has the ability to increase the military dominance of any country which uses it over the oceans, with a range of over 600 nautical miles this drone takes off vertically and begins to climb to actual navigational height horizontally and uses over –the-horizon communicational technologies for being in contact with command, this surely is a great Aerospace new invention.

This drone promises to be a breakthrough in the field of military aerospace.

4. Kalam –SAT

On June 21st, 2017 history was made by this boy hailing from Tamil Nadu, India when NASA launched the smallest ever satellite made by this young scientist.

This satellite was made by 18-year-old RifathSharook who made the lightest ever satellite weighing a mere 64 grams and named it after former India’s president Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

The satellite also houses eight indigenous built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation, and the magnetosphere of the earth.

The satellite was sponsored through space kidz India. the satellite is designated to operate for a whole 12 minute out of 240 minutes in a sub gravity environment transported by a suborbital flight. The satellite has also been mentioned in the Asia book of records as the worlds smallest and lightest satellite ever made making it by far the most subtle aerospace new inventions ever.

5. Space X Falcon 9


SpaceX has always been a company known for sheer precognition in its products. It broke the ultimate reach of a common man making him believe that the concept of having a personalized vehicle for space travel is becoming true.

The Falcon 9 spacecraft launching vehicle is not the usual rocket which is used by space agencies to launch satellites and people into space, this is the first orbital class rocket capable of re-flight. SpaceX believes that the re-usability feature enables space travel much more economical and accessible.

This Falcon 9 rocket is priced at 62 million dollars and the heavy variant comes at 90 million dollars, this affordable and versatile pricing makes these rockets accessible for the common men. This aerospace new invention is truly a vision of the future.