5 Elements of Human Being or PanchMahabhoot

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2017)

Wishes-luxuries, work-prosperity, exercise-health, money-fame and name, That’s all belong and credited to the human being for his/her efforts.

But do you know that who are you?

What is your actual material composition?

Why scientist failed to build an artificial human being?

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Human Body is a combination of some chemical compounds or we can say elements of nature. According to Vedas, Upnishads and modern physics, our body is interconnected with  inside and outside atmosphere of earth.

That’s why doctors prescribed patients for lifestyle in accordance of  ongoing season, priests suggest their god follower to wear particular dresses in festivals, astrology also depends upon the changes of the planets position, air, etc. In short human body is infrastructure of some compounds which is available in whole universe or galaxy.

Big Bang Theory and phenomena of Interstellar reveals out some facts of interrelation of human body with the universe.

Details of compounds :-

  1. AIR: Air is the molecular compound which is included in the composition of the human body. Largest composition is air.
  2. WATER: Water is 2nd largest molecular compound present in the human body. Water is a necessity of the human body.
  3. SKY:That’s very acquired, but the sky is also the combination compound which consists of various gases and fumes.
  4.  FIREFire is the molecular compound present in the composition of the human body. Digestion occurs due to fire presence which is known as (Jathragni).
  5. Earth:Earth is the last and most important compound which is present in the human body.


These are known as 5 compounds and Panch Mahabhoot of the human body.