4 Fascinating Things to Know About Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company is a leading provider of avionics systems to commercial aviation, business aviation, Military, space communication, and other government agencies

rockwell collins yard in usa
Rockwell Collins Yard | Source: Defense News

#1 History of Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company

This history of the company is very interesting for a technophile.

The company is headquartered in the United States of America and the company was founded in 1933 by a young entrepreneur and a well-known radio engineer Arthur Andrews Collins as Collins Radio Co. He became recognized as an amateur radio operator and an expert in circuit design from his teenage.

The artic expedition led by Donald B. MacMillan communicated with Arthur Collins with a radio designed and built by him. This made Collin’s company famous among the electronics industry. Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company as Collins radio Co. produced commercial short wave radio transmitters and receivers for various industries. 

Collins Radio Company grew by taking advantage of the rapidly growing AM broadcast industry. Collins Radio Co. made equipment for the military, the scientific community and polar expedition teams to establish communication with them.

During the Second World War, Collins Radio Co. became a leading provider of communication equipment. After the Second World War, the company turned its flight control instruments, avionics systems, and satellite voice transmission systems, etc.

The space race after the Second World War gives a new phase to Collin’s company. They build communication equipment for space programs like Apollo, Gemini, etc.

The Collins Radio company was acquired by Rockwell international company in 1973 and adopted the name Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company. After that, they stopped receivers and transmitters to the public and concentrated only on defense and commercial avionics market.

In the long-running journey, the Rockwell Collins Aerospace company accrued many companies like Hughes-Avicom’s in-flight entertainment business, Sony Trans Com, Intertrade Ltd, Airshow Inc, Flight Dynamics, a portion of Evans & Sutherland and expanded their area of service.

In 2017 the Rockwell Collins Company was acquired by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and merged with UTC Aerospace and formed Collins Aerospace. Now Collins Aerospace company which have an active presence in the aerospace industry and it is the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and Defence products.

#2 Products and Services offered by Collins Aerospace Company

In the commercial aviation sector, Collins aerospace company is providing innovative products in cabin interiors, flight deck, flight control, In-flight connectivity solutions, lighting.

Collins aerospace companies cabin interior products include cabin seating, lighting, oxygen systems, advanced lavatory systems, etc. Collins Aerospace Company uses Collins radio companies’ experience in communication technology in their Flight deck products.

Rockwell Collins aerospace company’s data and voice communication system used in the flight deck is one of their significant system which uses Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) system Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) is the service provider for airports, aviation, defense, healthcare, networks, security, government, and transportation.

In the defense and government sector, Rockwell Collins Aerospace is the trusted provider of solutions to various problems faced in the industry

The services in the government and defense sector include Avionics, Cargo Handling, Communications, Display and controls, Electronics warfare, Electronic Systems, Navigation, Optronics, Oxygen, and Passenger service unit systems, Simulation and training, Thermal Management and Machining, etc.

The autopilot system is one of the important avionics systems provided by the Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company. This autopilot system is using single- through quad-redundant configurations which will provide higher-level reliability during the worse situations like Pilot fatigue and overload. 


The other avionics systems like Display and Controls, Integrated Cockpit Solutions, Weather Radar are also provided by this company

Another major product given by the company is the navigation systems to the defense sector which give guidance solutions to both airborne and ground, which include Air data, Attitude, and Heading Reference System, Direction finding system, Airborne Global Positioning System and Radio Navigation.

Optronics products are other important products of Rock well Collins Aerospace Company. Optronics devices that can detect and control light, which uses photodiodes, phototransistors, photomultipliers, optoisolators, photoresistors, quantum cascade lasers, Optocoupler, etc in Optronics devices.

Ground-based warfighter helmet-mounted displays, Simulation and Training Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD), Precision Optical Assemblies are the main optronic devices provided by the Rockwell Collins Company.

Rockwell Collins Company provides targeting devices for military applications. In this targeting, the section includes Navigation & GPS, Simulation, Targeting, and C2.

The navigation and GPS device provided by the Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company world’s smallest and lowest powered GPS receiver which is used to locate warfighters in unfamiliar terrains in warfare.

Targeting & C2 are used to tactical war operations to coordinate and communicate with the airborne and ground-based crew. This product includes Gateway, integrated targeting system, Ground Early Warning and Control System (GEWACS), Remote Secure Receiver, PSR-500 perimeter surveillance radar system.

The next important product of Rockwell Collins Aviation Company is Connectivity solutions provided to the government aviation sector using ARNIC which provides highly reliable connectivity and solid command and control. Which is used and helpful in disaster management, Surveillance, global static and tactical airlift.

The platforms including Commercial Helicopters, Fighters, and Bombers, Military Rotary Wing, Space, Tanker Transport, Unmanned (Air) are the other major products in the sector.

From the humanities pioneer space missions, Collins Company is taking its part. They have a proud tradition from humanity’s first moon mission to the satellites orbiting the earth for more than forty years.

The major components provided by the Rockwell Collins aerospace to the space industries are High Motor Torque Momentum and Reaction Wheels, Optical Expertise, RDR 68 Momentum, and Reaction Wheels, RSI 01 Momentum and Reaction Wheel 0.1 Nms, RSI 12 Momentum and Reaction Wheels, RSI 45 Momentum and Reaction Wheels, RSI 68 Momentum and Reaction Wheels.

In the unmanned aircraft sector also Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company is providing solutions like Flight controls/autopilot, Navigation, and guidance, Mission computers, Engine Controls, Datalinks and communication radios, Automatic flight capabilities, Redundant flight control architectures.

These products are available for a variety of fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and ducted-fan vehicles, etc. The guidance and navigations system of Collins aerospace are designed for a wide range of temperature and vibration environment.

By using the Rockwell Collins Engine controls, a twenty percent increase in the fuel efficiency and improved performance is claimed by the company. The redundant flight control architecture will detect any kind of failure and malfunction in the flight computers and other flight control system.

#3 Rockwell Collins Aerospace in India

Rockwell Collins Aerospace is present in India since 2008, as an emerging aviation market and growing possibilities of aerospace in India Collins aerospace in India providing most of its services and products in the Indian market.

The Collins Aerospace opened a Designing Centre in Hyderabad India. This Designing center in India is opened for aiming at both the national and international markets. They are supporting Original equipment manufacturers and Defence with engineering design.

They are widening their presence in manufacture advanced communication, Avionics, and Navigation equipment to the Indian Defence market.

From the Hyderabad facility of the Rockwell Collins, Aerospace Company is providing indigenous software support to its customers in the local market.

The Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company is planning to open more facilities in India and transfer more technology to the Indian market.

#4 Presence of Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company in the world market

The company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America and it has a presence in almost all the continents.

In Asia apart from India, the company is present in China, Singapore, and the Middle East. China is one of the major Asian markets of the company. The company is present in China for more than thirty years.

The Rockwell Collins Aerospace company has many joint ventures and partnerships with some Chinese companies. The company has a memorandum of agreement and partnership with companies like AVIC Bluesky based in Beijing and AVIC Leihua.

These partnerships developed products in Avionics, and Navigation products and which is widely used in the China Airline sector and Military.

The companies provide services like sales, repair, overhaul engineering and maintenance in the Asia Pacific region from Singapore and they are also providing engineering assistance and products to the Singapore air force and military.

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing aviation and defense markets in Asia, so the Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company is present in this region for twenty years. The companies regional headquarters in Dubai and they have regional offices in Doha and Cairo.

The Rockwell Collins Aerospace Company is present in Europe for more than fifty years and they have offices in France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

In Europe, they offer their full range of products and services. In Europe also their customers are the Ministry of Defences and Commensal and Business aviation sector.

Design and development of targeting systems, Electronic warfare, a Navigation system, Helicopters, Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, and Avionics for fighter aircraft are based in different European countries.

 Apart from the USA, Collins Aerospace Company is present in Canada and Mexico in North America. In South America, their presence is limited only in Brazil. From Brazil, they provide customer support and sales operations in entire Latin America.