3rd most shortest lunar eclipse of 21st century lunar eclipse

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2015)

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THIRD SHORTEST LUNAR ECLIPSE OF 21st CENTUARY-“chandra grahan” is going to appear in north east Asia,Africa,Antarctica,some parts of Europe.this lunar eclipse is the third most shorter duration eclipse of 21st century. This lunar eclipse consist time duration of 27 minutes. According to NASA there are 3 most shortest lunar eclipses which is going to appear in this 21st centuary these are following:-shortest lunar eclipse

1. 13 february 2082 lunar eclipse of 25.5 minutes.

2.28 september 2034 lunar eclipse of 26.7 minutes.

3.25 april 2013 lunar eclipse of 27 minutes.

 Lunar eclipse time,date:

third most shortest duration lunar eclipse is to be  appear today in midnight.the lunar eclipse in various phases will begin at 11:32 pm today and end at 03:43 a.m tomorrow morning of 26th April 2013. the noticeable umbra will begin at 1:22 a.m and end at 1:53 a.m. maximum lunar eclipse appear at 1:37 a.m.aadhyatmm

How to observe the lunar eclipse?

there is no need to wear any protective gear for eye to observe lunar eclipse.because it’s not solar eclipse.

What is lunar eclipse?

lunar eclipse occurs when earth engulf the moon means earth come between the moon and sun.there are 2 types of lunar eclipse one is full lunar eclipse and another one is partial lunar eclipse.today is partial lunar eclipse day.

Aadhyatmm says: 

hello! and wish you happy and cheerful life dear aadhyatmm readers. lunar eclipse or we can say chandra grahan is the most important and holy time period for the god devotees and even god also. according to Hindu mythology and scriptures today all the god and goddesses move to the earth holy and sacred places. god worshipers flock to the Haridwar,kashi,ujjain,gaya,and pryag(holy places in india).eclipse time is very precious time because in this time if we do one good thing and activity it feed us million time blessings  and energy.aadhyatmm

what to do while eclipse or grahan ?

according to Hindu ancient scriptures people should lots of good activities like helping others,speaking god name,chanting god name,bathing,food distribution,water distribution,chanting various mantras of various gods and goddesses.

god worshipers and devotees  do following things:-

1.they visit temple and take bath in holy river like ganga etc. to purify their spirit of good wills.

2.they donate sweets and foods to the poor people after completion of eclipse and prayer for their happy life to god.

3.they never eat and drink any thing during eclipse because the rays of eclipsed moon effect their health.

4.they even don’t use the washroom and bathroom during eclipse because it prevents us from future health ailments.

5. they do lots of speaking god name activity and chanting of god names.