14 Overwhelming and Remarkable Scenes of Bahubali 2 The Conclusion

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2020)

14 Overwhelming and Remarkable Scenes of Bahubali 2 The Conclusion

The most awaited Tollywood movie Bahubali 2- The Conclusion is now released out in your nearest theaters. This epic movie was produced by ARKA Media productions and Dharma Productions. This film was directed by SS Rajamouli.

This movie released on 28th April 2017 in the theaters of India and USA.

This movie was most awaited due to the suspense of why Katappa killed Bahubali?

This movie not only gave the answer but also a great social message to the world. This movie breaks the all Indian cinema records in terms of grossing, viewing, and commendable reviews. This Indian Tollywood movie crossed 900 Crore INR and still counting. 

Today in this post I am going to reveal 14 overwhelming and remarkable scenes with their background story and social message if any.

These 14 scenes of Bahubali 2 the conclusion are arranged according to movie shots. So let’s begin to know about those 14 scenes of Bahubali 2 the conclusion.

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Scene 1

Amrendra Bahubali Standing on Maheshmati Kingdom Elephant

1 bahubali standing on trunk of elephant

This scene is the first scene in the movie where Bahubali save his mother Shivgami from elephant herd while she was completing her kingdom ritual. This scene was extraordinary.

Scene 2

Amrendra Bahubali Riding on Horse

2 bahubali riding on horses in bahubali 2 conclusion

In this scene, Amrendra Bahubali ordered to visit the whole kingdom of Mahishmati in the getup of the common man. He went for a visit with his uncle Katappa.

Scene 3

Princess Devasena Fighting with Enemies

3 devasena attacking on enemies in bahubali 2 conclusion

In this scene, Devasena a princess of Kuntala kingdom protecting herself from the attack of enemies on her palanquin.

Here Amrendra Bahubali impressed with the fighting skills of Devasena and fall in love with her.

Social Message: Women must learn skills to fight and save herself from different attacks and difficulties.

Scene 4

Amrendra Bahubali and Devasena both Practising Archery

4 bahubali and devasena using archery to kill the enemies

In this scene, Kuntala kingdom was attacked by unknown enemies. Here Devasena and Amrendra Bahubali killing enemies using arrow and bow.

In these, both are killing the enemies with 3 arrows at one time.

Social Message: Women must be given equal power and skills as men to save herself.

Scene 5

Crown of Mahismati Kingdom

5 maheshmati kingdom samrat crown

In this image, you can see the crown of Mahishmati king. This is the most important thing for Bhalaldeva to achieve at any cost.

For this, he played a well plan to kill Amrendra Bahubali.

Scene 6

Amrendra Bahubali warning the soldiers of Mahishmati

7 bahubali and devasena in bahubal 2 conclusion

In this scene, Amrendra Bahubali enters the kingdom court hall with Devasena.  But, due to some misconception, Devasena goes against of Shivgami and Shivgami orders to arrest Devasena.

Amrendra Bahubali warns the soldiers with the most applaudable dialogue of the movie. Must watch this movie in the theater to hear this dialogue. If you already watched then you know.

Social Message: Men should always protect his women from different difficulties at any cost.

Scene 7

Amrendra Bahubali Enters the Court of the Mahishmati Kingdom

6 bahubali conclusion 2 scenes

In this scene, Amrendra Bahubali enters the court with anger when he hears that Devasena is arrested by soldiers of Mahishmati. What happens next is the best scene. If you have not watched it then rush to the theater to watch it.

When you will watch this scene, you will not stop your whistles and clappings.

Scene 8

Amrendra Bahubali Ensuring Katappa for his long life

8 bahubali instructing katappa about why he cannot die

In this scene, Amrendra Bahubali ensuring Katappa with his words. He said, “no one can kill me if you are with me”.

Social Message: A person who taught you skills always make him special with your respect.

Scene 9

Katappa Killed Amrendra Bahubali and Last Message

9 katappa killed bahubali and bahubali last message to katappa

In this scene, Katappa killed Bahubali and Bahubali giving the last message and honor to Katappa.

Social Message: Always be ready for giving your life for the sake of your motherland honor.

Scene 10

Katappa taking the blessings from son of Amrendra Bahubali

10 katappa taking blessings from bahubali son mahendra bahubali

After killing Amrendra Bahubali he met with Mahendra Bahubali(son of Amrendra Bahubali).He had earlier given promise to Devasena that he will take first in his lap after the birth of Amrendra Bahubali son.

Scene 11

Bhalaladeva Using Primitive Binocular

11 bhalaldev using the ancient technology to see far things

Here Bhalaldeva using the ancient designed binocular to see the movements of Shivudu aka Mahendra Bahubali military team.

Scene 12

Shivudu- Mahendra Bahubali Attacks on Soldiers of Bhalaldeva

12 bahubali son shivudu attack on bhalaldeva millitary

Here Shivudu attacking the soldiers of Bhalaldeva after entering the fort of Mahishmati. He enters the fort in a very creative and extraordinary way with Katappa. Watch the movie to know how Shivudu enters fort?

Scene 13

Shivudu- Mahendra Bahubali Applying Holy Powder on His Body

13 bahubali 2 conclusion where shivudu take blessings of lord shiva

In this scene, Shivudu applying the holy powder on his body in front of Shivlinga. Shivudu taking the blessings of lord Shiva to kill Bhaladeva.

Social Message: A god always gives power to the good man who is fighting against the evil.

Scene 14

Shivudu and Bhalaldeva Facing Each Other

14 bahubali 2 conclusion best scene of fight between bhalaldeva and shivudu

This is the remarkable ending scene where complete theater screen was filled with these 2 warriors faces. Background sound was so amazing and thrilling at this scene.

These 14 scenes are most overwhelming and remarkable scenes of Bahubali 2 the conclusion.

You must watch this movie to know completely about these 14 scenes.

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