11 Best Sources to Search For a New High Paying Jobs

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2017)

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11 Sources to Search for a New Best Paying Jobs



Are you searching for a new job? Do you want a change? Do you need a high paying job

Well, these are the some crucial questions asked by job consultants and our brain. Getting a new high paying job is not a cup of tea.
Most of you are not satisfied with your current salary. You need a growth and change. According to a recent survey by the Indian ministry of labor and employment, the unemployment rate is 1.7 percent in rural areas and 3.4 in urban areas. Check the report here on unemployment in India.


Indian ministry of labor and employment is taking best measures to lower the unemployment rates in both urban & rural areas.


Why I am discussing these all things about unemployment here. Because, today I am going to share some of my best proven research on getting a new high paying job after your 12th and graduation.


Most of your search for a new job on job portals, but there are lots more sources where you can get a new high paying job without any stress. We all come to know when we search a new job on job portals that we need more than a year experienced person. What about then Freshers?


After reading completely this post, you will definitely add some new weapons of the new job search in your arsenals. Here are 11 top sources to search for a new high paying jobs


1.Local Newspapers


Your newspaper not only gives you latest news but also latest vacancies in your local best companies. You can use the classified section of your newspaper to search for a new best-paying jobs. Here you will get lots of options like part time, full time, home based jobs etc.. Classified section mostly published on days of Saturday and Sunday in the local newspaper, but you note the days when your newspaper gives classified section. For example, Hindustan Times gives classifieds on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.


Note: Beware of frauds in the classified section, who gives you job assurance without any interview and test. Don’t opt the paid consultancy unless they show you some proof of best placements.

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2.Local Business Listing Portals


Local business listing portals are website which allows local businesses to add their business online like Quicker, OLX, Craigslist, Yellowpages etc.. These local business portals not only gives you new job opportunity, but also company details.


Note: Beware of misleading advertisements like to get a job in seconds, no interview, direct joining etc.. Say no to consultancies those who use these type of sentences in their advertisements.

3.Jobs Search Portals


Here comes your popular job search platforms like Naukri, Monster, Shine, Timesjobs etc.. These jobs platforms are excellent for searching a new high paying jobs. Here are lots of details about the company and job profile. Here you can follow the HR of your favorite company. Following the HR is very beneficial.


Adding a profile on job search portals gives you lots of job opportunities. Don’t forget to mention your skills, catchy profile headline, description and experiences. Complete your profile details with phone and email verification. Verification of contact number and email is very important on job search portals. If you have experience and you have 100 percent completed profile, then you will get lots of companies HR calls.


4.Social Networking Sites


Yes, you can search a new high paying jobs on your most time consuming and favorite platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Watsapp, Snapchat etc..

How you can search for a new job on social networking sites?

Follow these steps for a new job on Facebook

  • Go to open graph search, which is on the top right section of your Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Search by hashtags like #jobs, #career, #openings, #vacancy.
  • You can also search by “name of company + jobs” Join the groups and communities related to your job fields like If you want a job in sales, then join sales and marketing job groups.
  • Check out the shared links for jobs and current openings on Facebook. Similarly, you can use the steps on other social networking sites


5.B2B or Professionals Websites


Linkedin Jobs are now best platform for searching a new job with skills certification. Linkedin has free services of online skills, certifications and online skills tests. Linkedin is the best hub for professionals. Try Linkedin jobs and skills certification online test.


6.Company Website


You can visit your favorite company website for new jobs under career section or page. On the company website, you will get the complete details about the company and job profile. Like the Rolls Royce company website has careers page. Similarly, different companies have career pages. Try it also.


7.Job Consultants


This is not a trusted source for getting a new high paying job, but some consultants introduce you with great companies without lots of efforts. I am not against of job consultants, but you should check the proof and references before spending your valuable money. Try it with care.

8.Company Office Visit


You can also get a new job after visiting the company office. Sometime companies display their openings to localities. You can inquire about the current job openings from security head,receptionist and peon. So you should also try this for new job search.

9.College and University Open Job Fairs


Job fairs give you mostly startup jobs. Some job fairs invite MNC’s where you can get your dream job. First check the list of companies in the job fair before registering for any college job fairs. Many universities invite different colleges for job fairs. Get in touch with your college placement heads during your graduation and after your graduation.




Yes, my dear references also help in getting a new job. For example, your uncle works at Amazon as a quality analyst then he can also give you job in the Amazon. Similarly for other companies. So, start praising the higher rank officials’ relatives. Start your search for that particular person for a reference. He could be your previous company colleague, friend, relative and Boss

11.Government Undertaken Skills Development Courses


The government started a skill development institutes and courses for youth. Here you will get industrial exposure and certifications. After completing your course, you will get a new job. But I am not giving you 100 percent insurance of your job from these governments institutes. But the certifications will help you a lot in future jobs and business plans.

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After using these sources, you will definitely get a new job without any stress. Any of these 11 sources will give you a secure job in your locality and remote place. Skills, experience, confidence and personality matters a lot in the job. If you will get a new job after reading this post,then don’t forget to share with your friends.So, I hope you all liked this post. If so, then share with your friends on social media.


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