Why Indian Hindu Temples Heads are Aerodynamic Shape

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2016)


Indian Hindu temples are most visited places in India. Indian Hindu’s like to share every sorrow, success and prosperity with Indian Hindu gods. The people of India have lots of faith in god. The home of Indian god is a temple. You can setup a temple inside your home also. Prayer and worship of god improve our health and happiness.

Hinduism place of worship is Indian temple. Hindu temple near you is a great source positive vibrations and wellness.

Why I am discussing all these things over here. Here I am going to discuss about Hindu temple facts.

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How Hindu temples give peace and positive vibration?

Why Indian Hindu temples is aerodynamic shape?


Let’s begin the facts of Hindu temples

Most of our Hindu religion people visit temples to show their respect and love of their religion and culture. Very few people know about the science of temples and its various energy secrets. We are going to remove the curtains over the science behind the Indian Hindu temple.

side view of Indian hindu temple



The shape of Indian Hindu temple head shape is aerodynamic. The aerodynamic shape structure of temple head and conical upper head attracts the positive charges from clouds. This Positive energy covers the whole internal surroundings of temples which provide positive thinking, mind, peace and health. Sitting some time in the temple after worshiping god and goddesses gives you solutions of your life problems. Aerodynamic shape of a temple also reduces the natural disaster losses like an earthquake.




Aerodynamic shape of temple reduces the natural disaster losses. According to the science the earthquake waves generate the vibrations of the earth. This earthquake vibration when reaches the aerodynamic shaped temple, it rotates the vibrations on the boundary of the aerodynamic structure of temples. According to the aerodynamic science aerodynamic structure reduces the earth vibration losses.

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Aerodynamic structure of temple head looks attractive and eye catching. According to recent research of London scientists temples have more waves of positive energy as compared to other structures of the world.


Benefits of the aerodynamic structure of temples provide positive energy from the clouds, reduces the earthquake losses, give attractive look, etc. still there are so many reasons behind the aerodynamic structure of the temple.

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