VAT SAVITRI VRAT -Fast and Prayer Day For Husband Long Life

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Vat Savitri Vrat is the day of women who wanted to get their husband long and  successful life. Vat Savitri Vrat was started by courageous, innocence, husband loving, god devoted,princess of  India. She was princess of most ballistic king, her name was ”SAVITRI”. SAVITRI was not only husband worshiping women.

She was also the great devotee of Lord Shiva and Parvati. SAVITRI made his husband’s life long by snatching the life of his husband from YAMRAAJ, god of death. How she did it? Who was her lucky husband?, why she is the ideal for all women on earth who respect her husbands and his family?, what actually happens with Savitri husband so he died so early, what makes the Yamraaj, god of death to release her husband’s life?. All these answers we are going to fetch here.

 According to the new survey of the world health organization said that Indian men are more long life as compared to other countries men. Do you want to know the secret of long life of Indian men. This all due to the prayers and fast of Indian women, who do prayers and fasts to get his husband long successful life. By celebrating the festival of KARWA CHAUTH, CHAKRI, VAT SAVITRI VRAT, RAVIVAR SAPTMI.

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VAT SAVITRI VRAT is the festival of Indian women and all NRI those who are living in foreign. This is the most religious and sacred festival celebrated in the month of May-June. In Indian calender in the ”Jaisth Maas” Grishm Ritu.This festival is the festival of worshipping the banyan tree,thinking and intelligence generating tree. The Banyan tree is the symbol of lord shiva power and devotion.On this day mostly, north Indians women worshipped the banyan tree with sacred thread (Moli) encircling or bounding,offering various types of grains and fruits,especially gram,peas, wet rice,vermillion(Sindur),stickers(Bindi),

vat savitri vrat

Other items of Indian women make ups (avoiding chemicals face wash, lotions, Perfumes)

Please don’t mind it, but this all items are required during the worshiping of an Indian banyan tree. Mostly group of women perform the all rituals one by one and any of them tell the story of Savitri and his husband’s life and all the women silently hear this .The whole day they have to neglect the salty food. They eat sweet food items like fruits, Kheer, roasted Potatoes. The Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati bring happiness and success with the  long life of husband and all family members.


VAT SAVITRI VRAT started in the Satyug (time of thousand years).It’s said in the Vedas that human life and life on earth is divided into four time periods or ”YUG” I.e. Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, Kalyug. Vat Savitri Vrat started in the Satyug,time of most god worshiping and presence of truth and love. now the story begins……..

savitri story in vat savitri vrat

Once upon a time there was king and queen who are childless.Hundred of years past but they didn’t became the parent of son or daughter. So they worshiped many gods and goddesses. They went to the ashram of various Rishi Munis and serve them with their services regularly for getting the blessing and boon to became the parent of one child. At last one day one Rishi gave them the blessing of becoming the father and mother of one smart and beautiful son. When that Rishi did close his eyes he found that this king is cursed by god in their previous life. They were cursed that they would never became the father and mother of any son and daughter. But the Rishi had given them the blessing of becoming the father and mother of one bright son.

So he got the mid idea of removing the problem he said that you both of you became the father and mother but the son  will live very short life.The two king and queen get worried and requested to that Rishi that its better to be childless as becoming the parents of short life son. But Rishi said that but I had already given you the blessing so I can’nt take back. The two queen and king move back to their fort. After some time a baby born in the fort of king and queen. His name was. SATYAMAAN.  SATYAMAAN was the prince who was very intelligent and affectionate son. He was also very beautiful and hard worker.Rival king attacked on the kingdom of SATYAMAAN and they all were defeated in the battle.

SATYAMAAN and his family had to live in forest because the kingdom was snatched by the rival kings. SATYAMAAN was very affectionate and hard worker son. He always used to pray for parents health and blindness removing. Actually SATYAMAAN parents were blind. One day he was cutting woods in forest for cooking food. one princess was roaming in the forest for forest visit. She found SATYAMAAN cutting wood for his parents cooking food.Princess was SAVITRI. She asked about him to his soldiers and bodyguards but nobodies know about him.She was attracted by the simplicity and hard work of that person. At the same time NARADA MUNI (lord Vishnu great devotee and son of lord Brahma) was also roaming in that forest.princess SAVITRI worshipped and adore the NARADA MUNI and then she asked about that person from NARADA MUNI.

NARADA MUNI told to the the princess SAVITRI about that person that he was the prince of this state but due to unfortunate and quick attack of their rival kings they had to live in this forest.His name is SATYAMAAN,His parents are blind, and he is also short life person,He is god loving person,He is an affectionate and hard working person. Now the princess affected by the character and qualities of SATYAMAAN. She went to the fort and requested to marry with SATYAMAAN. She told the whole story of SATYAMAAN.

Her father and mother started worrying that how you’ll lead the whole life with that short life person but she insisted her parents at last SAVITRI married with SATYAMAAN. SAVITRI also moved to the forest leaving her all fort luxuries. SAVITRI also serve his parents with love and pure service.she always used to worshiped the lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the stem of banyan tree and prayer for his husband long life.

After some time YAMRAAJ came to take the life of SATYAMAAN. SAVITRI was doing prayer to god for her husband long life. She saw the YAMRAAJ arrival and ran towards her husband who was cutting woods in the forest. Suddenly SATYAMAAN got a strong stomach pain and died. YAMRAAJ took the life of satyamaan with him. After that Savitri followed the Yamraaj and Yamraaj gave the three wishes to Savitri. Savitri wishes her husbands parents became blind less, secondly she wishes her husband kingdom and throne get back to her husband family and third wish she beg to became the mother of 2 son of Satyamaan.

Yamraaj had fulfilled the all wishes because he promised to Savitri to fulfill the three wishes. Savitri and satyamaan lived happily after this incident and Yamraaj also give blessings to Savitri that ” in future who do the fast and prayer for her husband long life to Lord Shiva.I would give the extra life to her husband. Whenever and where ever your story pronounced I will bring happiness to that place.” This was the story of Savitri and Satyamaan.

Indian Women from north eastern states like to do this holy fast for husband long life.This is incredible India culture.

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