Pioneering Mission of NASA New Horizon

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

nasa new horizon mission to pluto
NASA and its space missions are evergreen topics of discussions in the entire world. On 14th July 2015 when the entire world population busy in their daily schedule, some group of engineers, astronauts, scientists and researchers consistently observed the data and signals by new horizon. Google also updated doodle to NASA new horizon successful mission. ISRO,European Space agency,China national space administration and the rest of space agencies were tracking the new horizon updates.
NASA launched a web portal for tracking the latest information on new horizon mission to Pluto.New horizon started sending signals and data to NASA new horizon control center at 8:52 PM eastern time.
According to Guardian, new horizon is sending thrilling information about Pluto with baffling images.
Day by day new horizon, sending more clear data and images of Pluto. All space research centers and scientists from all over world congratulated the NASA new horizon team on social media.


What is the pipeline of this mission? How new horizon mission started? Why Pluto? Why Pluto is not a planet?
All the above questions were most searchable questions to Google. Being an aeronautical engineer, I want to share the answers of these questions. Beginning with questions


1. How new horizon mission started?

According to the NASA web portal, New horizon pioneering mission to Pluto was started on 19th January 2006 from Cape Canaveral. New horizon launched with record escape velocity of 16.26 kilometers per second. After 3450 (according to the NASA official mission website) days of launching new horizon began giving symptoms of successful space mission to Pluto.


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2. What is the pipeline of this mission?

Nasa Space Agency aimed to study the dwarf planet’s atmosphere,moons and Kuiper belt.New horizon is a specially designed lightweight spacecraft for pioneering mission.


3. Why Pluto?

According to the NASA web portal, Pluto considered for studying the Pluto atmosphere, moons and Kuiper belt. New definition of planets announced by the international astronomical union in 2005 neglected Pluto as a planet. This announcement was made after the discovery of Eris in Kuiper belt. Some scientist supported Pluto as a planet. This confusion born the pioneering mission of NASA new horizon mission.


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4. Why Pluto is not a planet?

According to the new terminology of the planet by the international astronomical union in 2005 after discovery of Eris in Kuiper belt states that Pluto is not a planet due to its size. Dwarf size Pluto in the category of dwarf planet and specifically known as Plutoid.

Scientists of pioneering mission of NASA new horizon to Pluto collecting more datas and mysteries related to Pluto and its moons. Hope you all like this post. Like us and follow us on social media.

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