Guru Diksha-Source of Fame,Power,Intelligence,Health, Victory and Wealth

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2016)

Guru Diksha is the source of fame,power,intelligence,health,victory and wealth. Guru Diksha is the power or cosmic weapon that given by guru(divine teacher) to fight and getting victory and fame in this materialistic world. Guru Diksha is the foundation of a disciple,fuel of the spiritual life,completeness of the mind,basis of the fusion with Shiva and the path to reach one’s destination. Guru Diksha is the greatest boon of life and through it one can not just fulfill one’s worldly wishes rather one could attain divinity.

Guru Diksha is the present the guru gives in charity to transform the negative tendencies in the disciple; it spurts the creation of positive aspects,which spur us to develop our spiritual capacities. Guru Diksha was a necessary prerequisite in life of human being.

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1. ‘Sparsh diksha’ (transfer of power by touch): Diksha given to the disciple by hand touch up on head and heart by the guru(divine teacher).e.g. Care and love of mother to her new born baby.

2. ‘Drigdiksha’:Diksha given to the disciple by sight and single view. Guru give this diksha to his disciple by one sight to his disciple face.e.g like tortoise care his babies by sight.

3. Dhyandiksha :
Diksha given by guru to his disciple by internal thinking or sense through meditation. E.g. Like fish take care of eggs by concentration.

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What does it guru diksha contain?

Guru Diksha consist of god name, god name chant,god name speaks, rules of god name speaking.
Guru Diksha consist of reciting spiritual books,yoga. This all tools of guru diksha must be use regularly on fixed time;means the all disciple must do it regularly for respecting his/her guru gift.

How does it affect the disciple life?

Guru Diksha affect the life of disciple due to the strictness and deep trust on “guru mantra”.
Guru Diksha consist of some yoga tips and exercises which maintains the health and doing god name speaking regularly affect the 7 centers and 5 tissues of body.
Regular doing guru mantra generates positive energy around the disciple surrounding.

guru diksha aadhyatmm

Who is to preferred as guru to take guru Diksha?

According to Vedas choose your guru after examine him but keyshone gives you some traits of Perfect Guru
*Who like to wear white or orange wears.
*Who like to meet with more poor people .
*Who don’t like to make world relations
*Who is busy in speaking the god names
*Who likes to stay more lonely.
*Who is also busy in searching the solutions of people life problems. *who change your attitude and negative thoughts .

Lord Ram, lord Krishna,Arjuna,Shiva,swami Vivekananda,Ramanujan,Aryabhatt,Chanakya,Asoka, all the above legends had gifted by Guru Diksha by their guru’s. 

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