Gayatri Mantra Meaning and Benefits

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2016)

Gayatri Mantra is the chant which did not belong to any single community,cast,religion and society.Chant which provide relaxation of mind,power of will, positive energy,and lots of happiness and success in life. Chant which is scientifically proved as the source of internal soul purifier. This is the mother of whole words of Sanskrit words. This mantra founded by guru vashisht(teacher of lord shri ram)

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What is that Gayatri Mantra?

Gayatri mantra recites and meaning is:-


The above given words are Indian Sanskrit words in which a god fearing individual prays to god “honor the unity of divine spirit that prevails the all realms of existence the earth,the atmosphere and the heavens. May that must brilliant divine light protect us,sustain us enlighten our consciousness that we might realize our inherent goodness,our inborn divinity and our unity with all that is.

How to do Gayatri Mantra jap or chant?

gayatri mantra effect

Procedure and Effects:

After completing your all daily morning washes wear clean clothes and sit on any woolen gear in Gyan Mudra(Yogic Mudra). Do some Pranayam and start your Gayatri mantra jap in yourself. Do twice a day. Eradicate your whole life problems by doing Gayatri mantra jap daily.

Health Benefits of this Mantra are:-

1.This mantra (chant) burn your tensions, stress,even sins of your past life.

2.This mantra gives you memory power.

3. This mantra increases  your immune system and no. of white cells in your blood corpuscles.

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  • mike

    Hello , I just saw your website and felt led to e mail you. Due to circumstances in my life I have fallen into depression and anxiety to the point where I am now on medication to treat them. I also just lost my job and my finances are dwindling. There are things I want to achieve but I have lost all momentum or desire to achieve my goals. I haven begun to meditate and to swim for one hour every day with the hopes that this will help but I feel I need more.

    I would like to add the chanting of the Gayatri mantra to my spiritual practices with sincere hopes that It will help me to recover my life again and restore some peace and joy and health I used to have. May I have your opinion on what I should do? How many times a day I should chant? Willl the vibrations still be effective if I chant it inwardly in my mind? How long would it generally take to feel some real effects from this mantra? Anything you can share with me would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.



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