Automatic Flight Control Systems Lecture Notes For Aero

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2016)

automatic flight control systems notes

Machines are now intelligent and fast. Every expensive technology is now intelligent or in other words automatic. While using air conditioner,computers,cars locker,automobiles,home appliances. All the equipment’s are automatic or going to be automatic.

Same here in aeronautical engineering field.All the aircraft instruments are automatic. For example aircraft automatically set the inner temperature of the aircraft cabin,fly by wire system,auto pilot,computer maths.Today in the section of aeronautical engineering notes,I am going to introduce the notes on Automatic Flight Control Systems.Aircraft instruments are automatic due to some  instruments, algorithms, programming and calculations. Automatic flight control systems notes are based on the syllabus of Punjab Technical University. How aircraft able to do automatic controlling? what are the various elements include in avionics technology.How various control systems works?

Automatic flight control systems is the study of various control systems and instruments used in the calculations of aircraft parameters.Automatic flight Controls include the linear system algebra,various theories like Routh-Hurwitz criterion,Root Locus Method,Control Surfaces VariationsCommon control systems include mechanical,electronic,pneumatic and computer aided systems.Control systems guide,instruct,control and regulate the various equipment. All the information and detailed notes are available here.

Aeronautical Engineering Notes: Elements of spacecraft engineering



NOTE: This is to inform you that all the following notes are based on the syllabus of PTU in aeronautical engineering.All the notes will be available time to time. So we recommend you to visit the website regularly to check the new available notes. 








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