7 Affordable Google Search Engine Optimization 2017 Trends and Tips

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2016)

7 Affordable Google Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2017

Modern search engine optimization takes new turning points every year, but this year search engines crossed the limit by the new Penguin 4.0 update. Lots of webmasters were in trouble after the roll out of the Penguin 4.0 update.

Many site owners reported about their significant drop in their traffic. During this year mobile users given more surprises from Google in usability. Mobile friendly update 2 gave more ranking boosts to mobile friendly websites.

This was the major search engine algorithm update in 2016. Now we are going to enter 2017. We need some new SEO techniques for 2017. Let’s know some of the best SEO 2017 trends and tips.


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1.Page Speed

Many webmasters have reported that their overall traffic improved by 5% to 10% after improving their web page speed. Web pages which opens within 5 seconds are more convertible and have very low bounce rates. Page speed is a Google ranking factor and it is more dominating in 2017. You can follow the recommended page speed improvement tips while checking page speed score on GTmetrix

2.Accelerated Mobile Pages

After the different roll out of Google algorithms on Mobile usability, it’s considered that accelerated mobile pages will help you a lot in mobile search ranking. Accelerated mobile pages are faster pages for mobile search.

Your related website pages will be shown with the AMP symbol in mobile search. Add this technique in your SEO 2017 strategy.

If you are using WordPress CMS then you can use AMP plugin. You can validate your AMP page coding in Google webmaster tools under search appearance section.

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3.Featured Snippets

Have you seen something new in Google search results. Yes, exactly I am also wanting to explain it here. This is known as featured snippet.

When Google considers any one search result web page content out of top 10 results for user answer this is known as featured snippet. For example, you entered a query of what is amp then you will get an answer from one of the search result pages. See the below image.

Affordable SEO 2017 trends Featured snippets result

Featured Snippet: Google opted one search result page for the user query


After the roll out of the Google Hummingbird algorithm in 2013, many webmasters found their web page results on top. Now the question is how to get the featured snippet.

Google loves comprehensive content or content which gives answers to related topic questions. You should give answers in your content related to your post title. You can describe your answers in tables, subheadings, bullet points.

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4.Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is going to boost your traffic and ranking in coming 2017. Google launched their voice search option on the search engine very earlier. If your content has answers of user questions, then you will have a win-win SEO 2017 trend. Voice search is a future of digital era. Add this SEO tips for coming years win-win strategy.

Voice search widget on Google

Voice Search: Google using Voice for Searching Answers

5.Long and Data driven Content

Long and data driven content pages receives the maximum number of new visitors. Length of content is a ranking factor in Google search. More you have words in your content with data’s, more you will receive visitors and customers.

Data driven post is more likely to have higher CTR and engagements. Do online research and use some tools before posting any new blog post or article on your website. For example, sees a data driven post by Brian Dean of Backlinko.

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6.Local Keywords Uses

Organic SEO is not so easy to attain for new websites. New websites should start their SEO journey with local keywords. Many webmasters underestimate the power of local keywords, but it’s the only way to aware local people about your business. Using the local keywords in your marketing strategy will help you a lot driving local leads and sales. I would like to strongly recommend local keywords for new websites.


7.Videos Optimization

Never underestimate the power of YouTube videos. YouTube has daily millions of viewers. Video marketing is one of the SEO 2017 trend. Video helps quickly in branding and awareness of your business. YouTube search results relies on some factors like

  • Number of Subscribers
  • Keywords Relevance
  • Watch Time
  • Customer reactions containing comments, likes and dislikes
  • Video length

You need to optimize your videos on YouTube considering these above factors. You should follow these steps while optimizing your videos on YouTube

  • Catchy Title
  • Comprehensive description
  • Use keywords in title and description
  • Related tags

If you are optimizing the videos on your own website then follow above given steps. Create a video sitemap and submit it to Google.

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SEO 2017 trends will be related to make the website more user friendly and qualitative. I have gone through many popular websites.They all are working on the same principle. They have started AMP, schema.org, improved their page speed, using video marketing and regularly posting new comprehensive answers rich blog posts. I think this will boost the digital era.

I hope you would like this post, if so don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. Please, if you are a blogger don’t forget comment your views over here.


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