Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes 3rd to 8th Semester (PTU)

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes 3rd to 8th Semester (PTU)

Hello Everyone, We all run here & there for Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes  during the time of exams.Have I said anything wrong? Of-course not! Because I am also one of you people doing Aeronautical Engineering.We go through older hand written notes ,we go through books ,sample paper.When we find nothing easy,we go for internet for Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes, So that we easily refresh small concepts.But, what if we didn’t find anything on internet?.It happens  personally with me many times.

Well, you don’t have to worry about it now.Here we have started series of Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes of all books 1st to 8th Semester of Punjab Technical University.You will easily Find each and Every Topic from each chapters of your subjects.These all Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes will be easy and understandable.You will love to comeback again and again to grasp these Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes.

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Well, you don't have to worry about it now.Here we have started series of Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes of all books 1st to 8th Semester of Punjab Technical University.

Here I am going to discuss a kind of very easy rule for reaching at your topic of Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes.

  1. First of all,being very friendly, if you are getting all relevant material of your choice here, then don’t even dare to share this with your friends ! O I am just joking. Don’t take it serious.Make your friends reach here easily by telling them the name of website then the name of this artical i.e. Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes 3rd to 8th Semester (PTU).
  2. Now just scroll down, there you will saw all 1st to 8th semester  with names of subject.
  3. Click on the link of subject.All Chapters will open in new page.Here you can find topic by topic Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes.
  4. Don’t Forget To share and comment.Sharing Buttons and comment buttons are right after the end of post.

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Aeronautical Engineering Quick Notes 3rd to 8th Semester

 3rd Semester:-

  1. Fluid Mechanics-1 (FM-I)
  2. Introduction to Aeronautics (ITA)
  3. Aerodynamics-1(AD-I)
  4. Strength Of Materials (SOM-I)
  5. Machine Drawing

4th Semester:-

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Aircraft Structures-I
  3. Aircraft Materials And Processes
  4. Aircraft Propulsion-I
  5. Theory Of  Machine (TOM-I)

5th Semester:-

  1. Aircraft Systems and Instrumentation
  2. Aerodynamics-II
  3. Aircraft Structure-II
  4. Aircraft Propulsion-II
  5. Aircraft Performance

6th Semester:-

  1. Automatic Flight Control (AFC)
  2. Aircraft Stability and control(ASC)
  3. Elements of Spacecraft Engineering (ESE)
  4. Helicopter Engineering (HE)
  5. Elements Of avionics
  6. Wind Tunnel Technique

So keep on  getting Aeronautical Engineering quick Notes.One thing I want to clear u all bodies that these notes are just for the time when you don’t have enough time to get on to the books.Being an aeronautical Engineer one thing I will suggest You people that you should understand concepts deeply using Books. Because  We don’t have to forget that we are Aeronautical Engineers

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