7 Remarkable Aerospace Cool Inventions and Inventors of 2015

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2016)

7 remarkable aerospace cool inventions and inventors of 2015

Aerospace industry is growing worldwide. Aerospace industry giants are focusing more on new cool inventions. Airbus recently in previous year 2015 organized competition for new cool invention for aircraft design. Airbus sorted out top inventions for aircraft design in 2015.Description of those inventions are given in inventions 3 to 6 below. Aeromobil and LIT Motors unveiled their most awaited invention on social media. There are 7 new inventions in aerospace industry which become topic of discussions for engineers and entrepreneurs. Those cool inventions are:


1. Aeromobil Flying Car

AeroMobil is a flying car that appears to be as car on the road and appears to be an airplane in the air. It can adjust in parking space as like a car and can be driven on the road with traffic. It uses gasoline as fuel. As a plane, it can land and take off from any airport.

This is the AeroMobil 3.0 design which is tested after lots of modification from previous design.

new design aeromobil 3.0 tested cool invention and inventors of 2015

Source: AeroMobil

The AeroMobil 3.0 is manufactured from advanced composite material. That includes its body, wings, and wheels. It also consists of all the main features such as avionics equipment, autopilot and an advanced parachute deployment system.

AeroMobil 3.0 also facilitated with a number of other advanced technologies, such as a variable angle of attack of the wings that significantly shortens the take-off requirements, and robust suspension that enables it to take-off and land even at relatively irregular terrain.

Specifications of AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car

  • Engine- rotax912
  • Wings- collapsible
  • Maximum Speed- 200km/hr and more
  • Min Speed- 60 km/hr
  • Take off speed- 130 km/hr
  • Range- 700km
  • Fuel Consumption- 15 l/h
  • Construction- Steel Framework and Carbon Coating

Dimensions of AeroMobil 3.0

  • Width- 8320mm
  • Length-6000mm
  • Capacity – 2 seats

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventors:    Štefan Klein and Juraj Vaculík
  • Company:    AeroMobil
  • Invention:    AeroMobil

Source: AeroMobil

2. C-1 Self Balancing Electric Two-Wheeled Car

C-1 Electric Two-Wheeled Car is designed and tested by Daniel Kim and 18 other engineers. This two wheeled car has covering like car. A patented control system, featuring two gyros that spin in a compartment beneath the driver’s seat, is the secret to the C-1’s balancing act.

lit motors c 1 2 wheeled bike cool invention and inventors of 2015

source: LIT Motors

Two gyros situated beneath the seat whirl clockwise at 5,000 to 12,000 rotations per minute. Like any rapidly spinning disc, such as an airborne Frisbee, the rotors naturally stay level. Single-axis gimbal assemblies, which grab the gyros, can tilt forward and backward. When tilted forward, the gyro generates a powerful torque that pushes the C-1 to the left. When backward, the vehicle bends to the right. The automatic stability-control module changes the tip of the gimbals to keep the C-1 balanced. The vehicle remains level when driving straight or standing still and bends at an angle when making turns. A 10.4 kilowatt-per-hour battery pack lasts 150 to 200 miles on one time charge.

Specification of C-1 Electric Two wheeled Car

  • Balancing Gyroscope Torque- 800Nm
  • Electric Motor Output- 20kW
  • Maximum Speed- 100+mph
  • Range – 150 miles per charge
  • Charge Time- 4-6 hrs

Key Points of C-1 Electric Two Wheeled Car

  • Inventor:      Daniel Kim
  • Company:    Lit Motors
  • Invention:    C-1



3. Drones and Bird Port (Selected by AirBus)

Drones and bird port unique idea is proposed by University of Tokyo, Japan. This cool invention will minimize the chances of accidents and damages of aircraft due to birds. Flocks of drones will be used to guide the birds to bird port, which is natural habitat. Bird port will have bird songs and decoys. This idea will increase the availability of aircraft’s.

drones and birds port cool invention and inventors of 2015

Source: AirBus

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventor-   University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Invention- Drones and Bird Port

Source: Airbus

4. Energy Harvesting Skin of Aircraft (Selected by AirBus)

Team Multifun from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has the idea of dressing the plane wings with a composite skin that harvests energy from natural vibrations or flex in the wings. Using piezoelectric fibers, electrical charges are gathered by even the smallest movements during flight.

Energy Harvesting Skin of Aircraft cool inventions and inventors 2015

Source: AirBus

The energy can then be stored in battery panels integrated in the fuselage and can be used to power auxiliary in-flight systems, such as lighting and entertainment systems. It is aimed at reducing the energy footprint of the aircraft and has the potential of replacing the entire power source for ground operations.

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventor- Team Multifun from Delft University of Technology, Netherland
  • Invention- Energy Harvesting Skin

Source: Airbus

5. Game console-inspired infrared guidance system (Selected by AirBus)

Team Aft-Burner-Reverser from the Northwestern Polytechnical University in China proposes applying motion-sensing technology from a game console to an aircraft guidance system for use when the aircraft is taxing.

Game console-inspired infrared guidance system cool invention and inventors of 2015

Source: AirBus

It is aimed at saving airlines millions of dollars a year by reducing the  turnaround time of aircraft between flights and the cost of damage as the model uses infra-red and visual information to warn the pilot and ground crew of high-risk obstacles.

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventor- Northwestern Polytechnical University in China’s blueprints.
  • Invention-Game console-inspired infrared guidance system

Source: Airbus

6. The faster trolley trash system (Selected by AirBus)

Team Retrolley from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil proposed a new system that is aimed at reducing waste in-flight and cutting down the time taken to collect and sort rubbish post-flight.

It is also aimed at speeding up airline operations, particularly on short-haul carriers.

The faster trolley trash system cool invention and inventors of 2015

Source: AirBus

The bespoke trolley model is designed to intelligently sort rubbish and recycling by minimizing the volume of foils, paper and plastic and collecting residual fluid. The team estimates that the model can reduce the weight of galley equipment by up to 30kg. This has the potential to reduce airline fuel consumption while also offering more space for in-flight for refreshments.

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventor- “Team RETROLLEY” from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s blueprints
  • Invention- The faster trolley trash system

Source: Airbus

7. Window Less Aircraft Design

The new patent filed by Zodiac Aerospace, the French aircraft equipment producer, takes aircraft design to a whole new level – a lower one, that is, with windows replaced by screens along the length of the aircraft displaying live footage captured by cameras placed on the outside of the plane, providing a view of what you might see through windows. The images could also be streamed from your own personal electronic device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, by downloading an application. Though it sounds quirky, it’s a concept that is gaining fame among aviation engineers: developers of imminent supersonic jets have already proposed they are built with windowless cabins.

Window Less Aircraft Design cool invention and inventors of 2015

Source: Zodiac Aerospace

Storage space can be found along a sidewall instead of overhead bins, and in smaller “cubes” near the seats for extra storage. Vending machines may also be installed within the walls, providing quick access to in-flight snacks, while meals could be delivered from a lower deck galley or via trolley lifts lowered down a shaft from the main deck of the plane.

Key Points of Cool Invention

  • Inventor- Zodiac Aerospace, the French aircraft equipment manufacturer
  • Invention- Windowless Cabin for Passengers

Source:Zodiac Aerospace

These 7 inventions will skyrocket aerospace engineering and industry to the next level. Hope you loved this post.

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