5 Extraordinary Free Organic SEO Keyword Research Tools for Beginners

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

5 awesome free organic seo keyword research tools for beginners

Keyword research is one of the most crucial and strategic part of search engine optimization and marketing. If content is king then the keyword is queen.

If you are able to find right keywords for your website, then you are able to bring right audience to your website.

Keyword research is a base of search engine optimization. If your base is strong, then your house is more safe. You need some extraordinary tools for research.

Today I am going to reveal a list of some best tools.

Here is some free best organic Google keyword research tool, you should try for your SEO campaign.

1.Google Adword Keyword Planner 

Google Adword is a best keyword research tool for beginners. This research tool has an insights on keywords in the form of graph and charts.  Some awesome features of this tool are

Google adword keyword research tool

  • You can search for new keyword using phrase, website or category
  • You can get the search volume data of  selected keyword
  • You can extract long tail keywords by multiplying your keyword lists.

When you search for any keyword in this keyword planner, you’ll get insights on keyword like this.

Latent Thinking: You can search for keywords specific to your city, state and country.

google adword keyword planner tool search dashboard


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2.Keyword Spy Research Tool

Keyword spy shows you search volume and related keywords in this free keyword research tool. You can select the specific country for keyword research. This tool has both free and paid versions.

Latent Thinking: Get the LSI keywords and use it in your post.

keyword spy organic keyword research tool



3.SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

This is one of the popular long tail keyword research tool. SEMrush has various features for keyword research. You can get the monthly search estimate of keyword with its difficulty score. This tool also helps in PPC ads. Analyze your competitor organic keywords ranking with this tool.

Latent Thinking: Use this tool for analyzing competitors organic keywords and traffic.

semrush free keyword research tool for beginners



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4.Keywordtool.io Research Tool

The Keywordtool.io gives best long tail keywords. You can search keywords for Google, YouTube, Bing and Amazon here. This free keyword research tool has lots more features like you can select and copy the keywords.

Latent Thinking: You can search keywords for YouTube videos here.

keywordtool.io research tool for SEO beginners


5. Kwfinder Research Tool

This free keyword research tool has many features like You can search the highly searchable keywords, latent semantic indexing keywords and related questions for that keyword.

Latent Thinking: Kwfinder keyword research tool shows the keyword difficulty score

kwfinder free keyword research tool for beginners


Keyword research is one of the toughest job in SEO. You need better tools for researching keywords. These free tools will help you a lot in keyword research. This tool has limited uses in a free trial so you can move for paid version and skyrocket your SEO.

These tools are trustworthy and give more accurate data on keywords. Most of these keywords have custom keyword research in specific regions and country.

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